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Anxiety "Wildlife" 7"
Apocalypse Now "S/T" 7"
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Archivist "Construct" 2xLP
Attack SS "Mask of Those e.p." 7"
Aureole of Ash "Morbid Reality" 10"
Aureole of Ash/Jotnarr "Split" 7"
Autarkeia "S/T" CD
Autarkeia "S/T" LP
Autarkeia/Me and Goliath "Split" LP
Backslider "Death Residue" 7"
Backtrack "Bad to My World" Tape
Bastard Noise "A Culture of Monsters" LP
Bauhaus "In the Flat Field" LP
Bauwaves "u r everything" LP
Beach Slang "MPLS" 7"
Bellows "Fist & Palm" Tape
Bent Blue "Between Your and You're Demo" Tape
Berthold City "Moment of Truth" 7"
Better Days "Away Team" 7"
Better Than a Thousand "Just One" LP
Big Contest "Monkey's Paw" 7"
Big Eyes "Almost Famous" CD

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